The Junior School Carnival saw records break - not only in weather, but also across the events. With sunscreen packed, money ready to be spent in the canteen and sporting spirit in full swing, our Years 3-6 students were excited to head off to Somerset Hills State School for some much-needed pool time. 

Despite the cheerful attitude that filled the venue, there was no doubt that the absence of our biggest supporters -the Northside parents - was noticeable. However, even a pandemic couldn’t keep us apart as we still remained connected online, updating photos of the event through the Northside.Sport Instagram page.

Throughout the day there were a number of incredible feats that were completed by our students. Congratulations to Summer Phillips, who broke 4 records in the 12yrs Girls category, and Daniel Van Luik who managed to break all 5 records in the 11yrs Boys category. 

At the end of the day, Wesley managed to take home the win, racking up a total of 1438 points. A big thank you to all of the students for your efforts as well as the staff and volunteers who helped during the day. 

Congratulations to the following Age Champions:

  • 8yrs Girls – Kensey P.
  • 8yrs Boys – Zach C.
  • 9yrs Girls – Brielle N.
  • 9yrs Boys – Kundai S.
  • 10yrs Girls – Tahnee P.
  • 10yrs Boys – Kieran M.
  • 11yrs Girls – Olivia C.
  • 11yrs Boys – Daniel V.
  • 12yrs Girls – Summer P.
  • 12yrs Boys – Tristan B.

A special thank you to the Work Experience student Jordan for all the help with photos and news item!