For our 35th anniversary year, our College yearbook was restructured into our five Northside values: faith, learning, excellence, character, community.

Ps Nathan Bean shared the following message for our yearbook, through the lens of faith. 

College Board Chair

2020 - what a year!?

I’m sure you would agree that 2020 has looked very different to what we all thought. Despite the many challenges we have faced as individuals, families, a school community, and country, I believe we are starting to emerge from this unprecedented season stronger and more resilient.  Whilst I would hope we never experience anything like what we have this year again in our lifetime, I am so thankful that God uses even the difficult times for good.

When the early shockwaves of the pandemic were beginning to ripple through our community I felt God gave me a very specific word for our community, out of Numbers 14:24. The Lord said of Caleb, that he has a “different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly.” 

Where the 11 spies who spied out the promised land saw opposition, hostility and destruction, Joshua and Caleb saw opportunity, potential and victory in the name of the Lord. It was not that they had any special strategic advantages in the natural, it was the simple fact that the Lord was with them and that He would make a way.   

I honestly believe that our principal Leighton Kuss, his senior leadership team, teaching and support staff have all met the challenges of this past season with a different spirit. They have had to rapidly learn new technology and adjust to constantly changing health requirements in the middle of some of the most uncertain economic times in recent years.

All of this and more has been done with a different spirit, a spirit that is not humanistic in nature - characterised by mere human intellect and resilience - but with a sense that God is in control, moving us forward and ultimately leading our college into a new day of growth and opportunity. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that forms part of our community for all you have done in making this year the success it has been.  We are grateful to Leighton for his exceptional leadership this year, and to all our staff who had to navigate the unknown and new season of online learning. Staff that went above and beyond what is normally required of them, so that the learning experience for our students was uninterrupted.  I am also extremely grateful for my fellow directors and all the committees that volunteer their time in their areas of expertise to continue to improve our already outstanding college. 

I want to particularly highlight Richard Segers and the finance team, who have done an outstanding job in providing financial support for those who have needed it during the COVID crisis. To date we have been able to support more than 63 families who have experienced financial hardship during this crisis, and we will continue to support those who need it the most in this season.

My prayer is that you and your family would continue to experience God’s abundant love for you, the comfort of the Holy Spirit and that He would continue to meet all of your needs according to His riches in glory. 

Bring on 2021!

Pastor Nathan Bean, Nexus Church

The above image is a preview of the 'Faith' title page in the 2020 Yearbook, featuring a prayer huddle at Sports Camp. 

"With our trust and hope in Jesus, together we stand united. This sole defining identity marker guides the rest; it’s through our faith that character, excellence, community and learning 
all have meaning."