These helpful documents outline the different responsibilities, recommendations and requirements for online learning at Northside. Please ensure you read through them prior to engaging with online content.

Student Guide.
This document is specifically catered for Middle School students, addressing student expectations, studying suggestions and overall wellbeing.
Parent Guide.
The parent guide for Middle School students outlines what parents can expect for their students, from an online teaching format.

Google Classroom
This platform should feel familiar to your Middle School student, having been used since the beginning of Year 7. Students have a virtual ‘classroom’ for each of the subjects and also one for their year level. They may also have one set up for other extra-curricular or leadership groups.

Curriculum specific content is uploaded by the teacher to the relevant Google Classroom and can be worked on during the daily learning schedule. Google Classroom has a variety of features that allows teachers to add classroom content, links, assignments and questions as well as provide feedback on student progress. This is accessible via the students’ Chromebook or link.


Google Meet
Google Meet is a video conferencing platform. You may have used something similar such as Skype or Zoom (especially in recent times), which allows for classes to have face-to-face social interaction. This is accessible via the students’ Chromebook, or alternatively here.


Parents Resources


Even before COVID-19 affected our College families, Northside had signed up to be a part of the Black Dog Institute’s landmark research initiative, the Future Proofing Study which is a longitudinal study tracking their progress until they are 18 years of age. The Future Proofing study examines how best to prevent depression in young people. It is the biggest and most comprehensive scientific study of mental health amongst young Australians yet. Now, more than ever, we are grateful to be a part of this unprecedented research.

We deeply care about how our students and families deal with the many emotions and experiences that the coronavirus has created. We understand that this is a challenging time for us all. Please reach out and talk with your class teacher or Mr Laurie Bell (Head of Student Life) if you are feeling affected by these circumstances, and speak with your parents or family members too.


  • Physical: Make sure you take time to keep active, whether in your lounge room or backyard. Australian guidelines recommend children aged 5-18 years have at least one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. And at least three days a week, this should include activities that strengthen muscles and bones. Here is a great home fitness workout video and channel from a P.E coach!
  • Spiritual: We encourage our students to continue to connect in with their churches online, through live stream/pre-recorded services. Make time to speak with a Pastor, youth group leader or friend from church to update them on how you're going and to connect. Why not download the Bible app, which includes devotions, the ability to share verses with friends, and other helpful features.
  • Health: Please refer to the below for relevant health advice;

    - Queensland Health advice and information
    - Metro North Public Health Unit (07 3624 1111)
    - 24/7 National Coronavirus Health Information Line (1800 020 080)
    - 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84)


Q: When does my child need to study?
A: Every student and family situation is different. Each day the student is expected to visit their subject classrooms for the day at 8:30am, and complete the tasks allocated to them. While we are working with the usual timetabled lessons for each day, there will be flexibility surrounding the order that these are completed. Students can consider which lessons they would best complete in the morning, potentially leaving more practical lessons until the PM Learning Session. Some students may complete their set work in a shorter period of time and have time for passion projects or other pursuits. Homework of an afternoon/evening should not be necessary.

Q: How will teachers deliver the subject’s content?
A: Subject content delivery methods may vary between subjects. A typical approach would involve read, watch, do. Students might have some material to read, a video to watch about the content and then work to do. Teachers can also run a Google Meet with their whole class or smaller groups within the class where face to face discussions can occur.

Q: How will teachers check if the students are completing the work?
A: Google Classroom has a feature that allows teachers to ask questions, and the teacher can set a due date and time. Students need to provide an answer by the due date and responses are recorded and collated. Teachers have other online resources like quizzes, Google Forms and Google Sheets where teachers can monitor student’s progress. Google Meets allows for video conferencing, where students can show the teacher the work.

Q: Will assessments still be expected?
A: Assessments will still be occurring. Type of assessments may vary to accommodate remote learning.

Q: Will teachers be available during lessons for questions from students?
A: Teachers will be available to respond to student’s questions during their timetabled classes with their students. Students can ask questions via email, Google Classroom stream, or face to face via Google Meet. If a teacher receives a question from a student before their scheduled class, they will try to reply as soon as possible.

Q: Who do I speak to if my child is struggling?
A: Just like school on campus, please contact your relevant subject teacher first for help that is curriculum related or your form teacher for general concerns. Where necessary concerns can also be followed up by Curriculum Leaders and Year Level Coordinators. College Counsellors are also available for remote appointments.

Q: What if my child is sick/unwell?
A: Students can email their subject teachers to let them know they will be 'away' and unable to interact on the various digital platforms on that day. The subject tasks and content covered can be caught up at a later date, when convenient.

Q: How do I print from Google Classroom?
A: You can print from your Chromebook using most printers that connect to Wi-Fi or a wired network. Click through to the Support page from Google to set up your printer.

Q: Does my child need headphones?
A: Headphones would be preferable if the student is working near other students or siblings when watching class content on a video or participating in a Google Meet. Headphones also help prevent audio feedback when engaged in a Google Meet.

Q: How long will online learning last
A: Northside Christian College will continue to follow the advice from the Queensland Government on school closures, and will continue to offer remote learning opportunities for students whether schools are open or closed.

Despite not being able to meet together in person, or in gatherings, we can still find ways to do so digitally.

Our social media is a great way to do this as a community, or alternatively you can write an encouraging message on our note board below. Follow our accounts and tag us on social media (with parental permission!), as we host competitions (i.e Trick Shot Tuesday on @Northside.Sport instagram), post activities, and continue to share the great things happening in our College:

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Northside.Digital is our online learning system, that utilises various digital platforms to serve five key pillars:

Our passionate Christian teachers are still here serving and blessing, Christian Foundations and Chapel are now virtual, and ultimately our mission and vision to "make disciples of Jesus Christ, educated and equipped for any future" remains. "Be Still, and know that I am God." - Psalm 46:10

Our warm and loving community is represented through digital means; our business referral webpage supports local businesses still open, our community encouragement board (see bottom of page) acts to provide a space for unity, and our social media channels help to continually share the blessings here at Northside.

A culture of excellence, learning, commitment and dedication continues on our new platforms.  A culture of kindness, self-control and love surrounds our approach interacting online. A culture of encouragement, support and gratitude fuels our virtual learning.

Importantly, Northside.Digital provides space and time for students to interact and connect with their friends, classmates and teachers, to discuss all things academic and to also continue building important relationships.

Whether planning curriculum delivery methods, creating digital teaching content, or problem-solving potential technical issues - adapting to new circumstances requires creativity. Our teachers have been resourceful and inventive, our students have thought of new ways to be expressive and social, and our community have supported new initiatives.


To help our students, parents and families to navigate this next season, we have outlined all of the relevant links in one place. On this page you can find online resources, helpful study tips, and more information on the digital platforms we use.