Bus Services

You will be contacted for bus pickup and drop-off timing, which may slightly vary in the first week of school due to traffic and other circumstances. For urgent matters please call 0412597987. 

Policy Conduct

Please note that each parent and student is required to view and sign this document: Policy and Code of Conduct

New Bus System for 2020 

To continually improve the experience for our families, we will be trialing a new transport system in 2020. The new system will allow parents to track the bus location in real time via an App, see the bus arrival times and track their student swiping in and out of the bus. Bus routes will be mildly modified to reflect the Brisbane City Council Bus stops. 

This is being established for both the safety of the students and the bus drivers. 

The plan in 2020 is to have the first pick up point time at 7.20am. This new time will be to ensure that the students are on the bus for less than an hour and arrive at school on time. 

Students in Prep to Grade 4 will not be picked up or dropped off by themselves. An older sibling or a responsible adult will need to be present at pick up and drop off. If no one is present at drop off the student will remain on the bus and transported back to Northside Christian College. Please be advised that the fee structure for 2020 will remain the same as 2019.

Northside’s Bus Services Department is exclusively owned and operated by Northside Christian College. Our modern bus fleet provides a safe and comfortable form of transport for our students. Each of our professional bus drivers is qualified and registered under the Queensland Transport Department’s “Driver’s Authorisation Policy”.

Our Bus Routes 

Northside Christian College currently provides five separate routes in the morning and six routes in the afternoon. Please contact the office of 07 3353 1266 to find out the bus routes. 

Train Connection

College buses will stop at the Eagle Junction Station. For more details please contact us.

School Transport Assistance Scheme(STAS)

STAS maybe a benefit to families living outside the Brisbane City Council area to help with travel costs. Full details can be found at www.translink.com.au/schooltransport


If further information is required, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3353 1266 or email bus@northside.qld.edu.au.

Bus Prices