Our Christian Teachers Make the Difference. Northside Christian College staff consider teaching more than a job; it’s a calling, a mission and a ministry.


Students thrive under the pastoral care and discipleship of dedicated Christian teachers. Our teachers exemplify Christian faith and love in the classroom, in chapels and prayer meetings, on the sporting field, and in co-curricular activities.


Teachers strive to reach students’ hearts while educating their minds, knowing that learning extends beyond the classroom and curriculum. 

Decades of Christian Education

Our long-term teachers and administrators together with our new staff bring stability, fresh ideas and energy. The result is a dynamic community, rich in legacy, Christian love and vigour. 

We invite you to take a walk around campus and experience teaching at Northside Christian College:

Mrs O’Brien shares a smile during the morning chat time. Setting aside time for a morning chat allows the Year 1 students to settle into the day and share stories in a safe space. It is these dedicated moments that forge strong teacher-student bonds in the classroom.
Mrs Harwin radiates love and joy to all those around her. It is no wonder her students choose to spend their spare time in the Art rooms. Here she is discussing art ideas with an excited bunch of Year 7 students in the new Centre for Innovation and Creativity.
Mrs Donnan, a Librarian, greets a Junior School student on Book Week Character Day at Northside Christian College. Mrs Donnan is dressed as The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland - which matches her enthusiasm and excitement for reading!
This moment of genuine warmth shows quiet encouragement from Mr David, our well-loved and respected Head of Science. His Year 12 Biology class are in a study period and Mr David walks around the room checking on how each student is coping with exams.
Drama students read through a new script for the first time with Mr Burgess in their brand new drama rooms in the Centre for Innovation and Creativity. Mr Burgess wove together a script using characters provided by the students themselves.  
Mrs Belz encourages her Year 3 class to develop their skills as independent learners. Here she gives a hint to a student as they work in their Maths books. She patiently waits to see what the student thinks the problem is asking.
Mrs Smith teaches the Colour Wheel by mixing paints to achieve skin tone for Year 9 student. Everyone was fascinated by the minor adjustments to the paint colour just from adding a small amount of a complementary colour.
Mrs Cheel is a beloved music teacher who knows just how to inject fun and laughter into her lessons with gentleness and grace. Here she is rehearsing with the Lower Junior School choir, The Piccolos, who took out the Gold Award at the Queensland Youth Music Awards.